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INTERPLAY™ is an enlightening simulation that has been called a “Mini-MBA” for good reason: managers and professionals learn about running all aspects of a company and how their decisions impact overall results.

The experiential learning workshop should help Leaders& Managers to strengthen leadership capabilities, get better strategic thinking skills, have ability to improve cross-functional teamwork and collaboration, know strategies and tools for creating a culture of success.

#1 Leadership thinker, MARSHALL GOLDSMITH – Offers a new approach to employee engagement

soliman arab

This powerful, solution-based seminar was designed to help successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior: for themselves, their people, and their teams. In this fast-paced interactive seminar, Dr. Goldsmith began with a unique discussion on the challenges that come with success in leadership and demonstrated how to use “what to stop” in coaching.

Paul Rigby

Bee A Great Leader Workshop

soliman arab

Leaders must understand how to support innovation (tomorrow’s business) whilst maintaining today’s focus. Leaders must understand the implications of change and how to engage their employees to make change stick. Through this two-day workshop about the key attributes to “beeing” a great leader, these important skills were brought together, demonstrating their importance to leaders for the benefit of making their organization “fit for the future”.

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