Vigor-Events is a subsidiary of Vigor-Enterprise, which was founded by a team of energetic young entrepreneurs.

Vigor-Events is a first-class seminars house for the sophisticated cultural audiences in the Middle East and North Africa region. Beyond the scope of routine event management, Vigor-Events is focused on transforming the concept of seminars and conferences. It brings together the world’s most prominent leaders, speakers, and authors from a wide range of fields. The aim is not only to hold discussions, but to hold discussions which develop solutions for the world we live in.

We, at Vigor-Events, have a dedication to being totally responsive to our regional clients’ requirements through the development of strong business relationships and international partnerships. We invest time to understand clients’ needs to achieve a deep understanding of how their organizations work. This in turn allows us to become a highly valued partner in the human development process.

So, for all organizations and individuals looking to make a positive impact to their business, social or political environment, Vigor-Events is the ideal platform.

The Strategy

Is to focus on important problems and business challenges facing society, the business community and the individuals in the region. This can only be possible when the right forum is available for industrial, economic, financial, political, social and cultural thought leaders to discuss their issues. For this reason, the driving motto of Vigor-Events is “encourage frank and open dialogue”.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the premium provider for business, management, and professional development events and seminars to the business community in the Middle East and North Africa area.

Our Mission

To collaborate with regional organizations in presenting the best and most effective performance enhancement events and speeches that matches their business needs through transferring knowledge and skills, utilizing a variety of international alliances and partnerships to ensure clients’ satisfaction and return on investment.