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GLC – in co-operation with Vigor Events – organized the 2-day workshop titled Knowledge Retention – Memorize and Practice to Retrieve and Apply How to Reinforce New Skills and Improve Knowledge Transfer in the Flow of Work on the 26th & 27th of November, 2019 in Dewan 3 Meeting Room, Jumeirah Hotel, Kuwait. Conducted by the Co-Founder and CEO Apprentx: Jean-Philippe Bradette and Co-Founder and VP Apprentx: Pierre-Alexandre Bradette. 

The extremely engaging workshop which was presented by the Co-Founders of Apprentx was designed with the objective of developing others especially developing leaders in the Middle East.

Apprentx is specialized in the creation of affective post-training interventions. It develops a range of web applications that help people memorize, practice, retrieve and apply what they have learned.

This active and cooperative workshop helped Leaders, Executives & Managers to apply what they’ve learned in professional trainings and workshops in the workplace. They gave specific methods that assisted employees’ performance enhancement and yielded better returns for each dollar invested in trainings.

The 1st day simulation was intended to help attendees understand the “School Model” and its application in business. Also, they explained the economies of scale and how they should be considered in taking decision within every business. They explained the great void or what happens between training and the job as well.

The 2nd day simulation was created to guide participants to implement what they’ve learned on the 1st day with the addition of a couple more tips. Firstly, they learned how to consider economies of scale before taking any decision. Secondly, attendees were taught how to avoid the common, costly pitfalls of formal training activities in corporate settings. Lastly, they knew how to implement simple tools to set up retrieval practice activities and maximize knowledge transfer on the job.

It is worth stating that both, Jean-Philippe Bradette and Pierre-Alexandre Bradette aim to change people’s lives through educating attendees particular training solutions that facilitate their day-to-day endeavors.


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