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Bee A Great Leader Workshop

Bee A Great Leader with Paul Rigby brought to you by Vigor Events


Knowledge Club’s 2017 workshop titled Bee A Great Leader was held on the 15th to 16th of November 2017 in Burgan meeting room in Hilton Resort Kuwait. Conducted by renowned Author of “The Success Formula” and “The Bee Book” a parable about change, innovation, employee engagement and leadership

Leaders must understand how to support innovation (tomorrow’s business) whilst maintaining today’s focus. Leaders must understand the implications of change and how to engage their employees to make change stick. Through this two-day workshop about the key attributes to “beeing” a great leader, these important skills were brought together, demonstrating their importance to leaders for the benefit of making their organization “fit for the future”.

Using a story about a hive of bees stuck in a rut in their daily chores with a rigid hierarchical management style, the question we ask – are they capable of changing and adapting to a catastrophic situation? Do they have the leadership skills to pull them through?

The highly engaging workshop culminates with the completion of a summary to capture the learning and actions against all of the elements of the program. Paul Rigby will produce a “helicopter view” summary that can be expanded and improved upon immediately by attendees after the workshop. A set of actions that can be acted upon NOW!

Paul Rigby is the leading trainer & certified master consultant of the BEE FIT FOR THE FUTURE™ Workshop, he consults with business partners and frequently assists them with their change, innovation, leadership and employee engagement efforts.

The Knowledge Club™ 2017 series is organized by Vigor Events and Co-Organized by ALGAS Events Company. Members of the Knowledge Club™ this year include Hadi Clinic as Gold Member, Warba Bank and Kout Food Group as Silver Member and media support from the International Advertising Association Kuwait.


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    Muhamed Echattil

    we are looking for a function on 28th February in Kuwait. please get the fees and terms and conditions of one hour speech of Mr. Paul Rigby

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