Vigor Events Hosts The Management Guru & KAIZEN Pioneer

soliman arab

April 2017 signified a remarkable one day conference hosted the Management guru & Founder of the Kaizen Institute – Masaaki Imai – for the first time in Kuwait.

Organized by the prominent Vigor Events & Co-organized by Al-Gas Events Company, the conference is set to focus on Operational Excellence for leaders going beyond the mere use of improvement tools and building a culture that promotes excellence in all kinds of operations within a factory, a telecom company, a hospital, a bank, or a governmental institute.

During the conference, Masaaki Imai advocated his philosophies and Kaizen Institute’s principles and methodologies to achieve the ultimate Operational Excellence within any organization.

The power of positive thinking for leaders

soliman arab

Keeping in with their objective for the year 2017 to focus on the 2 most required business competencies of Positivity & Leadership, Vigor Events presented to Kuwait a highly engaging one-day seminar in which participants were immersed in an intense journey toward becoming transformational leaders who can engage employees, inspire people, and build a culture defined by collaboration and commitment through a combination of action-learning experiences, interactive sessions & group discussions. Through this session leaders learnt how to create a more inclusive culture, increase productivity and accountability, improve communication, lower turnover and increase market share by unlocking their boundless potential.

Talent Management & Succession Planning

soliman arab

In a continuous initiative to tackle the market’s business challenges and provide a platform to resolve them, Vigor Events brought to you the best-selling author and one of the world’s top leading authorities on talent, leadership and culture, and the Executive Coach for Apple Inc. former CEO – Steve Jobs – to deliver a powerful one-day seminar titled “Talent Management & Succession Planning” on November 29th 2016.

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