HR Most Influential Thinker – PERRY TIMMS – Offers new faces of coaching at PEER COACHING SEMINAR 2018

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Perry Timm’s seminar helped the attendees learn what peer coaching is and how this approach can create more unity, support and higher levels of committed performance at work. Appreciate the role of Agile Coaches and how this provides an alternative approach for coaching in rapid prototyping environments. And to be able to set out the initial stages of creating a coaching culture and introducing elements of peer and / or agile coaching to your ways of working collaboratively.

THE KNOWLEDGE CLUB 2018 Presents the Productivity Coaching That Doubles your Results

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This powerful, solution-based workshop was designed to destroy the hundreds of distractions that are bogging all business professionals down and keeping them from highest performance, learn super-hacks to master focus and spend more time on top priorities, so can measurably increase your impact, build discipline and motivation throughout the course of the workshop, so that this new knowledge starts to become habitual.

#1 Leadership thinker, MARSHALL GOLDSMITH – Offers a new approach to employee engagement

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This powerful, solution-based seminar was designed to help successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior: for themselves, their people, and their teams. In this fast-paced interactive seminar, Dr. Goldsmith began with a unique discussion on the challenges that come with success in leadership and demonstrated how to use “what to stop” in coaching.

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