Introducing new leadership perspectives with the Creative Leaders Workshop

October 16th marked the completion of the 2-day workshop: the Creative Leaders, an integrated learning program developing creative leadership & team innovation skills step-by-step.

Vigor Events, in co-operation with AlGas Events and Global Innovation Company, organized the workshop to develop creative skills of managers required for introducing innovation into daily operations successfully.

The workshop is designed for Executive and operational managers who lead innovation teams, pioneer new initiatives, and aim to develop culture of innovation. Attendees learned how to foster creative thinking of organizations’ teams in order to develop their competitive advantage, to solve business problems creatively and innovatively through understanding the power of creative collaboration, to simplify and explain complex issues in a creative way, and to manage creative teams.

The workshop facilitators, Karim Zainnudin and Petronela Zainuddin are the founders of Good Morning Creativity, a creative learning and design firm. Petronela is specialized in creative leadership development with 11 Years of international facilitation. She designed & delivered workshops in 13 different countries. Petronela is also a member of Leadership Development Team of EPWN Paris and Board member of AIESEC Alumni France. She was trained as Creativity Facilitator, NLP Practitioner and she has obtained a certificate in Person Centered Approach (PCA) methods of communication.

Co-founder and partner of Good Morning Creativity, Karim Zainuddin, is an expert in HR Technology and Learning Innovation. 9 Years of International Facilitation across the Europe, an inspiring storyteller passionate about the role of technology in management, and he holds Master in Human Resources from prestigious Ecole IGS Paris.

The “Creative Leaders” workshop is part of the Knowledge Club which is sponsored by Zain Telecom Company as the Lead Sponsor for Vigor’s Knowledge Club in 2014. Event sponsors also include Warba Insurance, KAICO, Qualitynet, Gold’s Gym, and IAA as a media sponsor.

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