Kuwait: As the #1 platform for valuable and unique Knowledge transfer in Kuwait, the Knowledge Club™ has successfully wrapped its 4th year in December 2016.

This year’s edition commenced by addressing “Communication”; a very critical challenge for today’s leaders. As usual, the Knowledge Club™ always highlight the challenge and serve its solution in a unique way. Based on “Color Profiling System” that focuses on four different energies and a set of personality traits, “Communicate in Full Colors for Leaders” Seminar took leaders through an experience where they learned to understand themselves, improve relationships and maximize their team’s productivity together with their own.

Season 1 continued with the executive coach to the late Steve Jobs; John Mattone through the Cultural Transformation – a 2-day dynamic hands-on workshop which detailed the critical steps that must be executed in order for one’s organization to effectively accelerate its’ own reinvention.

Through the Strategy Implementation seminar and the Excellence in Execution hands-on workshop, Strategy was extensively focused on in May with global pioneer in strategy execution– Robin Speculand – who disclosed the essential skills for a modern leader to implement and execute the organization’s strategy plan.

Based on his international bestselling book “Beyond Strategy–the leader’s role in successful implementation”, Robin Speculand unlocked the secrets of what it takes to implement and Execute strategy with case studies and a complete framework to guide the attendees implementation journey by the help of his Implementation Compass™ – a tool which provided them with the structure to make their strategies come alive.

Vigor Events then launched the 2nd season in September with the highly anticipated Leadership Challenge® Week where a one-day seminar by award winning author – Jim Kouzes – was followed by an enriching workshop by the Certified Master Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge® – Graham Moore. The Leadership Challenge is globally known as the #1 leadership development program nowadays. It is an intensive program based on the award-winning book – The Leadership Challenge– by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

After the opening of the 2nd season, Dr. Bob Nelson – The Knowledge Club™ hosted the best-selling author and guru on employee recognition, awarding, and retention; all the way from the University of California and for the first time in Kuwait.

In “People Don’t Succeed, People Do!” Seminar, Dr. Bob Nelson revealed his research and experience from having worked with over 1000 organizations & leaders from all over the world on the topic focusing on the skill set needed to truly creating a work culture in which employees perform at their best and want to continue to stay with the organization.

The Knowledge Club™ 2016 closed in November with reputed author and world class speaker, Paul Rigby – who conducted a 2-day workshop on the topic of employees’ performance and the science of sustainable peak performance through enabling positive work environments demonstrating how positive enhancers lead to higher productivity, less staff turnover, more resilient cultures, healthier employees and improved results. “Leading Positive Results” workshop was based on John Kotter’s book “The Orange Frog”.

Based on the annual survey, the Knowledge Club™ 2016 focused on the most required competency – “LEADERSHIP” – through its seminars and workshops that re-directed the attention of today’s business leaders and managers to the most significant leadership aspects: Communication, Strategy, Employees Rewarding, Culture, Employees Performance, and ideal leadership practices.