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The Knowledge club is the seed of a vision and an aspiration to provide the region with something unique and exceptional; from start-up companies to big organizations and individuals as well through multiple types of memberships…. click here to know more about Knowledge Club



Look what people and speakers said about Knowledge Club 2013

The knowledge club is an amazing opportunity to attend a number of seminars which will leave you a year later probably doubling your income, having more fun, having more balance in making a greater impact in the world… I encourage everyone to participate in it.
Jack Canfield
International Author and Speaker
In particular, I like the vigor model of the knowledge club that selects group of business professionals who have dedicated their professional life to continuous learning. Through the knowledge club, meeting and interacting with world sought leaders is one of the best ways to continue to develop either individually or professionally and to take their organizations to even higher levels.
Doug Lipp
International Author and Speaker
It has been a great journey as the Knowledge Club silver sponsors in 2013. We have attended a group of amazing seminars and had the opportunity to interact with international speakers. We are excited to continue this collaboration with Vigor and to support their Knowledge Club. We have already seen the promising plan for 2014 seminars and workshops and we will be privileged to be part of it as well. Vigor is doing a fantastic job in bringing knowledge, training expertise, and unique offerings to Kuwait and the Gulf region.
Dr. Mohammad Al.Anzi
I would like to thank Vigor for bringing the Knowledge Club to our society. It is a great contribution to enhancing knowledge and they definitely did a great job with it in 2013.
Ali Dersavi
Marketing Expert & Trainer
I am grateful for the Knowledge Club. We, as IAA, support the educational events that raise the bar in the industry and the Knowledge Club definitely benefited all IAA members through being trained on the hands of world class renowned speakers who were introduced this year. We will partner with Vigor again and again because we appreciate special and professional event organization and this is exactly what they do.
Walid Kanafani
President / IAA - Kuwait Chapter
The Knowledge Club was very interesting this year; it covered a variety of important topics. I personally enjoyed Tony Buzan’s as well as David Norton’s seminars and today I am impressed with the various speakers in Learn from the Best Conference who covered different topics all in one day. Thanks Vigor for the knowledge you are offering the market
Maha Al Kadi
Senior Vice President / Kuwait Financial Center (Markaz)
One of the things I like the most is their knowledge club idea. The knowledge club allows people of different groups let it be corporate with small groups or large group that could get involved in attending seminars throughout the year and I'm a big believer in continuous learning if you are one that believes in continuous learning I highly recommend that you joined the knowledge Club.
Bob Urichuck
International Author and Speaker
I have attended most of vigor’s events this year. I very much appreciate the material that I have learned and actually apply it in real life. The speakers are all impressive; I am looking to make the best of my experience with the Knowledge Club both personally and professionally
Maher Abu Shabaan
Assistant General Manager / Al Mulla &Behbehani Motor Company (MBMC)
This is the first time Qualitynet sponsors such events. It really has helped us raise our brand awareness in the market. It was a great experience for individuals who attended the useful seminars by world sought speakers as well as to our organization. We wish to sponsor the next Knowledge Club as well
Nevin Saad
Marketing and Communication Manager / Qualitynet
We are proud to be associates to Vigor- Events and the Knowledge Club which proved to be a unique project that benefits individuals and organizations.
George Mathew
Financial Manager / IIK

Starting in April 2013 and ending in December 2013, the Knowledge Club 2013 covered essential business dimensions and competencies according to the market needs; strategic thinking, customer service, sales and business development, personal and career development, and creativity and innovation.



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