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Jim Kouzes
  • Jim Kouzes is a best-selling author Award-winning speaker
  • One of the twelve best executive educators in the United States
  • Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business
  • Ranked #16 of the Top 100 Thought Leaders

In this program, leadership author and researcher Jim Kouzes will present evidence that leadership makes a significant and meaningful difference in people’s engagement at work and in the performance of their organizations. This is a unique opportunity to work your own leadership practices and behaviors with one of the world’s most prominent thought leaders on the topic.

  • Author of 12 successful books on communication skills
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) This designation is achieved by fewer than 11% of professional speakers worldwide
  • Former President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore

Learn how to close the gap between speaking and writing. You will learn some simple, powerful techniques that will transform your writing skills. You’ll see how these changes will help you to build better relationships, increase your efficiency, enhance your reputation, and get the right results. Every time.


  • One of the world’s top ten leadership authorities and executive coaches.
  • Author of eight books on leadership, talent, and culture including  three best-sellers
  • Advisor and coach to Fortune 1000 CEOs and senior leadership teams
  • John Mattone was nominated for the prestigious 2013 Thinkers50 Leadership Award, which recognizes the global thinker who has contributed most significantly to our understanding of leadership over the last two years.

This powerful program is based on John’s Mattone’s CEO Read/Inc. Magazine best-seller, “Intelligent Leadership”. it focuses on the principles that make Mattone the man current and future Fortune 500 leaders turn to for game-changing insights on how to overcome their self-imposed limiting thoughts and habits. Mattone reveals his key insights for unlocking and unleashing leadership greatness in organizations and teams so to create a compelling, winning culture that drives breakthrough results.

Culture is the foundation from which successful organizations are built—however, most struggle to create an environment in which employees can be fulfilled, effective in their work, and feel “unleashed”.  Through this dynamic program, John Mattone details the essence of what is meant by the “vulnerability decision” as well as the other critical steps that must be executed in order for your organization to effectively accelerate its’ own reinvention.

  • Keynote presenter and facilitator at global industry conferences
  • Author of “The Success Formula” and “The Bee Book”
  • Paul helps organizations to lead and successfully transform businesses in times of change

Employee engagement has an important and often under-rated role to play in how change and innovation initiatives are implemented. Too often this important skill is viewed as a soft skill with no concrete ROI. It is ignored at the leaders’ peril. This program brings together these important skills and demonstrates their importance to leaders for the benefit of making your organisation “fit for the future”.