Vigor Events organizes a memorable Ghabka for Gulf University for Science and Technology

With the number of social gatherings known as “ghabka” increasing substantially after the first quarter of Ramadan ,  and with the distinctive organization of Vigor Events Company; an unforgettable Ramadan ghabka was held last Thursday July 10th at the Holiday Inn Hotel – Salmiya – for Gulf University for Science and Technology employees and faculty members.

And as the concept of “Ghabka” has expanded recently to include social values that strengthen the bond between corporate employees and reinforce friendship and teamwork during the most sacred Muslim month, the event mainly aimed to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan traditions and strengthen relations amongst GUST employees from different administrative departments as well as the teaching faculty members and top management.

The evening commenced with a speech from GUST’s President – Dr. Donald Bates – in which he acknowledged his pleasure for the outstanding organization of such traditional events that brings “GUST’s family” together outside of the everyday work atmosphere.

Vigor Events arranged various activities throughout the evening, starting with the oriental Music that was enjoyably playing all through the event, all the way to the standup comedy session where the famous standup comedian Mohamed Al Kazemi took stage and performed for a 20 extremely amusing minutes with a specially customized material for GUST’s Ghabka.

The interesting program also included a number of engaging and entertaining group activities that addressed essential collaborative skills while encouraging employees to work as a team even outside of the work environment developing trust in each other and each other’s abilities and during which each table played as a team and won specially customized gifts.

During the Ghabka, Vigor Events focused on creating an entertaining fun programthat also aimed atstrengtheningGUST’s employees bonds by building trust and improving their communication giving them more varied options for working together.

The fun relaxed evening with the customized activities was a great chance for GUST’s employees to improve their communication, breaking down barriers between individuals through group participations. More specifically, people who are not used to working together got a chance to communicate, participate, and enjoy being a team. Additionally, the event was utilized to honor GUST’s distinguished faculty members and present tokens of appreciation on behalf of the university.

The interesting evening was concluded with the traditional Ghabka buffet, pleasurable networking, and testimonials of the impressive and successful organization by Vigor Events.


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