Sustainable Quality Management Seminar

Vigor Events hosted Sustainable Quality Management Seminar

This year Vigor Events organized and co-organized by Global Lead Consultants a seminar titled Sustainable Quality Management Seminar. The seminar was designed to provide leaders & organizations to take a holistic approach towards building capabilities and developing sustainable long-term Quality Management.

It provided valuable insights on Business Excellence, Quality problem solving, Six Sigma and ISO 9001 for Quality Management System standards. The 1-day seminar comprised of the topic Quality Fables PROBLEM SOLVING Rx by Suresh Lulla and the topic The Cardinal Quality Rules and Skills by Prof. Tariq A. Al-Dowaisan. 

The day began with a session titled Cardinal Quality Rules and Skills by Prof. Tariq A. Al-Dowaisan will helped attendees identify their organsation’s quality standards. Prof. Tariq A. Al-Dowaisan’s has over 25 years of quality practice and has been an educator and consultant. This session will allow attendees to respond to the fundamental question of standards in quality clearly, quickly, and easily. They will understand that the answer lies in answering simple questions of the like of: What is your coefficient of variation? What is your process sigma level?

Prof. Tariq A. Al-Dowaisan is the founder and acting general manager of Global Lead Consultants (GLC) and has 25 years of professional consulting and training in Quality, Organizational Excellence, and Safety in the GCC region.

The second session titled Quality Fables by Suresh Lulla which shed light on effective problem solving which requires two sub-skills structured thinking of a proven methodology; as well as appropriate application of quality improvement and creativity tools. Tangible and intangible results follow with diligent application of both these sub-skills.

Suresh Lulla is the founder and Managing Director, Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd – a focused quality management consultancy. His company – Qimpro has saved Indian corporates over 2000 billion USD in terms of cost of poor quality, using the Juran methodologies. He is also the author of the book Quality Fables.

This seminar was organized by Vigor Events and Co-Organized by Global Lead Consultants (GLC) and ALGAS Events Company.


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