Ron Kaufman

The Service Leadership

soliman arab
Vigor-Events hosted Ron Kaufman, the world’s leading customer service speaker, educator and motivator for uplifting customer service and building service cultures.

Ron is the author of the New York Times bestseller Uplifting Service and 14 other books on service, business and inspiration. Rated one of the world’s “Top 25 Who’s Hot” speakers by Speaker Magazine, Ron has powerful insights from working with clients all over the world in every major industry for more than twenty years.

Brian Tracy

Maximum Performance

soliman arab
Maximum Performance – The keys to personal and business success. learn how to develop complete clarity about your goals and objectives, and how to accomplish more, faster in every part of your life. October 8th 2012 – Brian Tracy, one of America’s leading authorities on the development

dave ulrich kuwait

The Next Step for HR Value Creation

soliman arab
VIVA Telecom Hosts the world HR Guru Dave Ulrich for a workshop about The Next Step for HR Value Creation

Professor Ulrich and Allan Fred have trained VIVA Telecom HR Senior Management the shape thinking on how to transform HR practices so that they are outside/in:   aligned to customer needs and integrated around organization capabilities to build this employee, customer, and investor results. This day that is organized by Vigor Events included around 10 trends shaping HR

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