Bee Engaged™

Knowledge Club™ 2018 presented Bee Engaged ™ Simulation and

The effect an engaged or dis-engaged employee can have on an organization

Vigor Events – in co-operation with Al Gas Events – organized the 2-day workshop titled Bee Engaged™ on the 30th to 31st of October 2018 in Burgan meeting room in Hilton Resort Kuwait. Conducted by renowned Author of “The Success Formula” and “The Bee Book” a parable about change, innovation, employee engagement and leadership.

The highly engaging workshop which was presented by the international employee engagement expert Paul Rigby – was designed with the objective for participants’ to develop a common language (based on the story of the bees) to be used throughout the organization for practical engagement.

In this lively and interactive workshop helped Leaders& Managers to understand the difference between engagement, motivation, happiness and satisfaction and their implications on the organization, used the P-O-L-L-ENTM Model of employee engagement to help participants easily remember the steps for effective and practical implementation and understand how you as a leader must embrace employee engagement to help implement change initiatives, improve performance and improve bottom line results.

The 1st day simulation was designed to help attendees explore the difference between motivation, happiness, engagement and satisfaction and the scene for what employee engagement is all about. He started to explore the POLLENTM model of engagement with step P and O. Day 2 focused on completing the POLLEN model and the assessment culminating in the respective teams or tables wrote their own version on how an “engaged hive” will look and feel like using the learnings from the workshop.

It is worth mentioning that Paul Rigby consults and advises with business partners and frequently assists them with their change, innovation, leadership and employee engagement efforts and he is the leading facilitator & certified master consultant of the BEE suite of workshops.

The simulation is part of the Knowledge Club™ 2018 is the leading & development platform for top organizations in Kuwait, is attended this year by Warba Bank/ Burgan Bank as Gold Member, Commercial Bank of Kuwait/ Kuwait Oil Company as Corporate Members and with the media support by the International Advertising Association (IIA) – Kuwait Chapter.


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  • Paul Rigby
    Paul Rigby

    It was a pleasure to deliver to a fantastic group of people who were engaged and energised

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