Heather Hansen - Present With Confidence Workshop

The Necessary Skills to become an A-Class presenter

With the Global Speech Specialist – Heather Hansen

May 20th, 2015- Vigor Events conducted a 2 day workshop with Speech Specialist Heather Hansen under the title “Present with Confidence” about the necessary People skills needed to Form, Build and Maintain Stronger, Long lasting Relationships.

During the interactive workshop, Heather Hansen showed attendees simple ways to format their thoughts, develop content, deliver presentations with confidence, and to build on their natural style and ability to become influential presenters who connect with audience members every time.

This workshop was designed for Global leaders, department managers, business unit directors, project managers, sales representatives, business consultants and anyone in an organization who is asked to present their ideas and who needs to make an impact in public with grace and confidence.

It is worth nothing that Heather Hansen is certified in the Compton PESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Accent Modification Method. She is the author of the book, Powerful People Skills: How to Form, Build and Maintain Stronger, Long-lasting Relationships, which is part of the STTS Success Skills Series published by Marshall Cavendish International. The book is now available in 6 countries and 2 languages.

Through her work as a Speech Specialist, she has helped hundreds of non-native English speakers enhance their clarity and confidence speaking English. Coupled with her experience in competitive public speaking since age 12, it is hard to find a more suitable choice to help today’s global leaders speak up and impact the world.

Her recent clients include Chevron, DHL, Abbott Laboratories, Citibank and Visa International.

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