The 1st Happiness Conference in Kuwait

The Happiness Effect Conference – Positivity and Wellness at Work

Organized by Vigor Events and co-organized by Al Gas Event, 6th Of December 2016 marked the 1st conference of its kind in Kuwait that was developed to highlight the importance of happiness and wellbeing and how it affects a person’s positivity, motivation, and productivity at work and in life – The Happiness Effect Conference.

Focusing on the key features of positivity & wellbeing, it was a series of interactive sessions with some of the best Mental Health & Happiness Experts in the world. Each speaker focused on different elements of happiness that are necessary to incorporate wellness and positivity in Mind, Body & Spirit: Stress Management, Self-Development, Teamwork, Laughter Therapy, Positivity, Creativity, and self-motivation.

The unique event began with a speech from the Happiness Effect Conference Main Sponsor – Hadi Clinic – where Deputy General Manager Dr. Faten Al Mailem conveyed the essentiality of happiness, wellness, and positivity for everyone nowadays.

The opening speech was followed by a laughter filled session with Founder of Laugh and Live Well and Laughter Yoga presenter and trainer – Connie Costa – and her session “The Power of Laughter Yoga” which was an engaging morning session consisting of a combination of laughter exercises, Yogic Breathing and childlike playfulness.

Following the laughter Yoga session, “The Optimistic Spark” was covered by Yasser Shaker – Author and Founder of the Optimistic Spark Center that highlighted the fact that positive employees drive the most successful companies, and that optimism is good for business.

The founder and chief of Culture Trails at “Delivering Happiness”- Sunny Grosso – then provided a strategic roadmap with five simple steps, combining the science of happiness and the experience of Zappos and other leading companies to help your organization create its own unique work culture, increase happiness and build success with her session titled Make Happy Work™ for You.

Other speakers at the event featured laughter coach Anthony Ackroyd, award-winning international speaker, author & Corporate Wellness Expert David L. Meinz and Art Psychotherapist & Professor of Design Dr. Amar Behbehani.

The day ended with a fun-filled art session entitled “The Art of Happiness” during which all the attendees were broken into teams and was engaged in a challenge to recreate happiness through art.

The main sponsor for the event was Hadi Clinic shared a lighthearted video reflecting the company’s culture that revolves around employees’ happiness during executing their daily work, which was the perfect way to end the day.


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