Productivity, Engagement& Peak Performance

Knowledge Club™ 2018 presented a dedicated platform for leaders through Employee Engagement & Productivity

Vigor Events concluded the Knowledge Club™ 2018 with a 1-day Conference titled “Productivity, Engagement& Peak Performance” “PEP” on the 11th of December 2018 in Al Dorra ballroom in Hilton Resort Kuwait.

In this a captivating conference, Leaders and Managers gained valuable insights from the best-practices of progressive companies that are revolutionizing the way organizations and teams are managed nowadays leading to a rise in productivity, profits and employee engagement.

The highly practical conference was designed to help attendees know the Missing Piece to Solve the Puzzle of Productivity, Engagement& Peak Performance, gain insights to the latest employee engagement trends that are affecting every business across the world, and why disengagement has become a global epidemic and also to learn new strategies that focus on successful outcomes while managing the stress of overwhelm and complexity at work.

The Productivity, Engagement and Peak Performance “PEP” Conference presented the best-selling authors, International keynote speakers, and sought-after trainers on the subjects from around the globe such as  Jason W. Womack, MED. MA. Best-selling Author of his books “Get Momentum” and “Your Best Just Got Better”, Valerie Cade, MA. Workplace Bullying Expert& Best Selling Author, David Zinger Founder of Employee Engagement Network, Ali Derisavi Management Consultant and founder of Utopia Republic Consulting Group, And Jodi Womack, MA. The CEO and Founder of Get Momentum.

A great panel discussion about “Missing pieces in the Productivity, Engagement, and Peak Performance Puzzle” took place in the conference, the speakers covered many question in different fields in that discussion. Don’t you think that following a rigid system would turn employees into robots? What are the major differences between thinkers and executers? Could thinkers be executers at the same time? Which is more important for the organization? These are some of the questions discussed by Jason W. Womack in addition to David Zinger who discussed what is the difference between a career and a job? In today’s highly changing and competitive job market, how could employees/businesses build careers? What could employees do? What could businesses do? And on the personal and ethical side Valerie Cade talked about how could we distinguish between confidence, bullying, self-esteem and leadership? And are disagreements always bad? Should we look for a total coherent and homogeneous work environment? And Jodi Womack covered a couple of questions about is a totally stress-free work environment possible? Or do we need some kind of stress in our work environments? If so, how could we distinguish between positive and negative stress? To minimize stress, employees tend to maximize on their strengths (what they know best). Should employees remain in their comfort zone or should they step out of their comfort zones every once in a while? And at last but not least it worth mentioning that the Significant Panel Discussion was moderated by Ali Derisavi.


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