Kuwait: As the #1 platform for valuable and unique Knowledge transfer in the region, the Knowledge Club™ has successfully wrapped its 5th year in December 2017 with 6 highly engaging Workshops and 2 enlightening seminars presented by the world’s leading speakers, authors and trainers. Each illuminating event focused on critical problems and business challenges facing society in today’s economy.

Knowledge Club™ 2017 edition, commenced with a one-day seminar titled “Leading Across Cultures” with the author of “The Culture Map”- Erin Meyer, which provided a new way forward with vital insights for working effectively with one’s counterparts in the new global marketplace, building a more cohesive and successful team: one that worked together to bridge gaps, transform differences into assets, and ultimately grow your business. Season 1 continued with a two-day workshop by professional trainer Kathrina Loeffler and certified professional facilitator Christian Vulpe, titled “Facilitative Leadership Skills”- through the concept of facilitative leadership, participants understood and applied the skills and strategies needed to engage staff in the work that they do resulting in an increase in passion, productivity and effectiveness.

The second season was successfully opened with , a two-day design-based workshop entitled “The Future Of Work”, which is developed to create individual and organizational strategies for the future- using the unique 7 Dimensions of the Future of Work model (based on 4 years of action research and consulting practice with progressive organizations, academic theories and applied methodologies). This workshop conducted by the Founder of People & Transformational HR Perry Timms. Another workshop titled “Making Strategy Happen” by the experienced practitioner and trainer in the field of Management- Roberto Wyszkowski. This workshop focused on how to translate your strategy using strategy maps methodology as a key tool submerging you into the world of performance management.

The Knowledge Club™  couldn’t miss one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development- Dr. John Demartini who conducted a one-day seminar titled “Business Success: Powering Leadership”, that focused on skillfully bringing order to your business, dissolve your limiting beliefs and achieve your greatest business potential. A workshop called “Accountability & Ownership at the Workplace” was a lively and interactive program, by executive coach Joanna Thumiger that inspired leaders to build a great team that takes ownership, and is accountable for the overall results. She provided them with tools and techniques to work well with every team member, and drive their performance. Focusing on leadership, innovation and change management. The season couldn’t be closed without a two-day workshop titled “Bee A Great Leaderby the renowned Author of “The Success Formula” and “The Bee Book”-Paul Rigby. This program brought together these important skills and demonstrates their importance to leaders for the benefit of making your organization “fit for the future”. An interactive workshop with Heather Dallas called “Present with Impact” was the finale of Knowledge Club 2017. This program helped attendees to analyze the audience first. Based on Heather’s 26 years of experience working with leaders, she shared the best practices for dealing with difficult questions and challenging audiences.