Happiness Effect Conference 2018

Hadi clinic sheds the light on corporate wellness in kuwait with the wellness movement and THE 3RD ANNUAL HAPPINESS EFFECT CONFERENCE

Dr. Faten Al Mailam: After 2 years of success implementing the concept of happiness at the workplace, we decided to take an extra mile and incorporate Kuwait’s 1st Corporate Wellness Movement

Mr. Fawzy Al Thunayan: Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait is proud to support this unique initiative by Sponsoring the Wellness Movement this year as part of its CSR efforts and strong belief that employee satisfaction is key for organizational growth.

In a press conference last week, Hadi Clinic has announced Kuwait’s 1st Wellness Movement -which is a series of more than 20 events and activities organized and developed by the leading events’ organizers in Kuwait – Vigor Events – and aiming to build a bigger community of health, positivity, and wellness enthusiasts heading towards a happier Kuwait.

Dr. Faten Al Mailam – Deputy General Manager – Hadi Clinic – declared that: “After 2 years of success implementing the concept of happiness at the workplace we decided to take an extra mile and incorporate the Corporate Wellness Movement to be part of our corporate strategy.” Dr. Faten also announced that “The main objective this year is to create a movement that have a long-term, strategic and sustainable effect and that address the 7 dimensions of Wellness: Physical – Social – Intellectual – Financial – Occupational – Spiritual – Emotional.”

Moreover, when asked about the reason behind such movement, she mentioned an interesting fact that “over the past years – as Kuwaitis we have almost everything, yet every day in the hospital we have been in direct contact with patients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression that can manifest in symptoms like back pain or gastrointestinal problem or sometimes even chest pain which is really sad. This resulted in huge drain in the health care system. Since the patients will be going from one department to the other hoping to find the solution or treatment of his symptoms. When we dug deep into the matter we came into the conclusion that these diseases are mostly resulted from many factors related to our life style, wellbeing and the way we think and not to any real physical illness. And this is how the idea of the Happiness Effect Conference and – this year – the Wellness Movement was born.”

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait – who is the Wellness Movement supporter & sponsor – was represented in the Press Conference by Mr. Fawzy Al Thunayan – General Manager Board Affairs, ABK – Who explained that “ABK embraces and believes in CSR as a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering real and tangible benefits to the community.”

He elaborated that “In this regard, ABK is pleased to be supporting this 1st of its kind initiative in belief that the Wellness Movement is a very well-organized plan that heads towards a happier Kuwait.”

Sherihan Hassabo – Managing Partner, Vigor Events – mentioned that the Wellness Movement is commenced on September and will continue till the end of this year. The Happiness Effect Conference – which is the first event in the movement – took place on the 18th and 19th of September 2018, for the third consecutive year.

Sherihan also further explained that “We are proud to be the developers and organizers for such unique initiative in Kuwait – for 3 years, the Happiness Effect Conference is the top Happiness and Wellness Conference in Kuwait which has been designed to highlight the importance of Happiness and Wellness at work”. She also added that this year and through the 2 days’ intensive Keynotes, panel discussions and workshops, “we commenced our Corporate Wellness journey by hosting the world’s brightest minds and international experts in the Corporate Wellness field, who provided us with the tips and tricks needed to maintain a sustainable, long-term Corporate Wellness Programs that cover the 7 Wellness Dimensions. The conference Happiness and Wellness experts took attendees through an enjoyable journey till they land in The State of Happiness and Wellness.”

It is worth noting that the conference was attended by the top organizations in Kuwait to learn more about incorporating a proper Corporate Wellness Programs into their strategy. The event is sponsored by the International Advertising Association (IAA), Clickmedia, Waveline Media, IIK, and Dawrat.


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