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The (X)-CEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP©: UNLOCKING YOUR HUMAN POTENTIAL program has been specifically designed to help build a winning organization.

This seminar is an introduction to the program that focuses on inspiring individuals and teams to work at their absolute peak while dramatically promoting increased productivity, innovation, collaboration, customer service and bottom line results.


  • Increased accountability
  • More focus on what’s important
  • Stronger sense of work-life blend
  • More resilient to change
  • Shift from Manager to Leader


What is organizational culture
Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

    • Learn the manager / boss versus (x)-ceptional leader matrix
    • 7 attributes of high performing teams
    • The 7 traits of (x)-ceptional leaders X-ceptional Culture:Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

    (X)-ceptional Resiliency during Change: (small letters or capital ones) (small C)
    The 7 Strategies to Overcoming Resistance to Change in the Workplace

    • 5 strategies for developing creative resilience
    • How to manage change with resilience
    • 10 things to master and become resilient
    • 40 quick tips to stay creative

Get employees Talking again, Listening again and Living again

ABOUT Al Moscardelli

Founder and CEO -Infinity (X) Group
President of Peak Performers Network Canada

Al Moscardelli has spent the past 25 years of his life working in the Personal & Leadership Development field.

As President of Peak Performers Network Canada, he worked closely with groundbreaking speakers/authors such as Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley and Og Mandino. Working in the US and Canada he organized and ran seminars and speaker events.

After selling his company in 2000, he teamed up with Robin Sharma as Vice President and General Manager at Sharma Leadership International. There he would handle all speaking engagements, workshops, client engagements and Leadership Development & Training Programs.

In 2006, he went out on his own and started his Speaker Management Company called The Moscardelli Consulting Group. He represented Dr. Lance Secretan, Dr. Srikumar Rao and Robin Sharma.

During this time, he developed new courses for Dr. Secretan and Robin Sharma. With Dr. Secretan, he developed Keys to the CASTLE Leadership Development course and most recently with Robin Sharma; he created the Lead without a Title ‘Leaders Growing Leaders System’. This Blended Learning approach uses a mix of on-line learning and classroom sessions. As Master Facilitator, he certified over 200 Facilitators over 3 years and then ran the course for organizations such as Citigroup, Tim Hortons, Rogers Communications and many other groups around the globe.

Currently, he is CEO and Co-Founder of Infinity (X) Group of Companies.

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