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Workshop Overview

Lifehack Bootcamp is a top ranked online productivity program led by head coach Demir Bentley.
Lifehack Bootcamp is an innovator in the online productivity space, breaking numerous industry
records for client engagement and results.
Their focus is converting knowledge into ACTION and leaving each participant with an insight, tool,
or technology that changes their life.
Lifehack Bootcamp focuses on turning knowledge into action as participants will apply the
concepts during the workshop which will increase retention by 70%. It is also committed to
measurable results as it is proved that previous participants have seen an improvement of 50% in
productivity and reduction in overwhelm by 80%. And it is experiential training based (learn
by doing) Where Participants are actively engaged throughout the workshop completing
exercises and working in small groups.

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We offer different corporate and group booking packages to fit every plan and budget.
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