The role of first line managers in healthcare settings is challenging and complex. Over 20 years ago Pembrey et al (1980) demonstrated that ward sisters (front line managers) have a complex role with three parts: clinical expert; educator; and manager. However this is easier said than done!

Many managers struggle to balance the competing complexity and demands of the role. This is supported by research conducted in the UK by the Royal College of Nursing (2009). In summary the research highlighted that ward sisters (front line supervisors/managers) are often unclear about expectations of them and lack the time, resources and authority to lead effectively. Other national and international studies suggest ward leaders do not believe they have the power to set priorities and are often merely responding to the demands of the system.

In this context the engaging Workshop will focus of specific skills required for front line managers working across healthcare.


Define the term competencies in the context of supervisors
Explore key leadership competencies in relation to supervisors
Identify how supervisors can implement key leadership skills within their work environment
Explore how leadership competencies can be evaluated


CEOs and Top Managers
Medical Directors and Senior leaders
Health Plan leaders
Community leaders


Dr. Michael Shannon

Core Competencies for Future Healthcare Leaders – Opportunities and Challenges

Experienced in Corporate, Managerial and Clinical Leadership both in Ireland and England.
Programmer Director at the Institute of Leadership, RCSI, Bahrain.
Consulted and suppoted leadership development in building partnerships and alliances, driving change and supporting professions in times of major challenge and reform.
Developed and implemented strategic Healthcare projects and initiatives both regionally, nationally and internationally.
Co-authored a number of book chapters and has published in various international publications.

Workshop Details

Timing: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Date: 17 October 2017
Venue: Hilton Resort, Mangaf.

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