Business innovation is a pervasive force in today’s fast changing environment. In fact, CEOs around the world recognize that business innovation is not only a core driver for creating and capturing new business value, but it’s also the key to long-term business survival and success.

This informative workshop is designed to build awareness, excitement and recognition for the importance of business innovation, and provide leaders with a proven process along with the necessary skills & confidence to generate new and exciting growth opportunities inside their organizations.


This program offers 4 levels of certification which help participants understand innovation, breakthroughs, build, sell and commercialize business concepts and manage innovation. This workshop is a deep immersion into the body of Knowledge of Level 1 (Make this look different from the text below)
The objective of Level One is to demystify innovation and to make it real and actionable with disciplined process tools and methodologies spanning all aspects of business innovation from concept to customer and from value creation to value capture.

Module 1: Demystifying Innovation
Learn the definition of innovation, understand why innovation is important, and recognize what constitutes an innovation breakthrough.

Module 2: Innovation Techniques
Review great innovation breakthroughs and practice building your own through creative combinations of compelling trends, basic human needs, and simple and proven business models for creating new value across the innovation value chain.

Module 3: Innovation breakthrough process
With its learn-by-doing principle, attendees will go through an intensive 3-day hands-on learning workshop spaced with individual, pair and/or team breakout exercises.


Make Innovation Happen:
Learn the techniques to generate, develop and implement sustainable innovations.

Improve job readiness:
Certification recognizes the development of knowledge, skills & confidence to innovate

Develop your leadership to innovate:
Certified individuals are able to successfully lead innovation.

Distinguish yourself from the crowd by obtaining the prestigious GIMI certification.

Certification entitles candidates access to the GIM Institute world’s network of certified professionals.


Individuals interested in becoming certified in innovation as a business discipline, from creative minds to innovation professionals to business leaders.
Professionals who wants to broaden their capabilities in innovation, build a career in innovation, or help their organization become a leader and high performer in both the creation and capture of business value from innovation.



Founding Partner of ShiftIN Partners, Experienced practitioner and trainer in the field of Management with focus on Strategy Execution, Strategic Planning and Performance Management

Experienced practitioner and trainer in the field of Management with focus on Strategy Execution, Strategic Planning and Performance Management
Served as a consultant and a trainer at many large organizations including public administration, engineering, telecommunications, utilities, financial services, manufacturing and conglomerates throughout a wide range of management cultures
Has worked with sectors in the UK, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Sweden, Venezuela, USA, Spain, and the Middle East, successfully leading implementations of strategy execution frameworks for both Private and Government organizations
Trained and coached hundreds of managers in both for profit and non for profit organizations

Workshop Details

Timing: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Date: 18-20 February 2018
Venue: Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel

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