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In this energetic workshop, we will explore seven core principles that help you understand how the brain controls learning and memory. Dr. Kohn’s dramatic demonstrations will give you an exciting new understanding of the mind. And his 20 years of experience in corporate education will help you create training programs that effectively engage the brain and maximize learning and recall. After this workshop, you will have both a deep understanding of core principles of modern cognitive science, and you will be able to immediately utilize these ideas as you create training that is tailored to the human mind. In turn, your training will be far more effective for your learners and for your entire organization, are your employees committed to learning and self-improvement? They will be after you implement these brain – Secrets of learning and memory. Come prepared to have fun… and learn.

Professor Art Kohn

Professor Art Kohn is an enthusiastic teacher, researcher, and media developer. He earned his Ph.D. in cognitive science at Duke University and is a training consultant for Fortune 500 companies including Google. His research explores the range of factors that produce learning and behavior transfer within a corporate community.  He was awarded the National Professor of the Year award from the American Psychological Association. He also won a Fulbright Fellowship in cognitive psychology and a second Fulbright Fellowship in distance education. He consults with the Centers for Disease Control, Department of Justice and the American Psychological Association on using social messaging for reducing risky sexual behavior.  He is the author of Communicating with Psychology and he develops interactive media products for higher education and for corporate training.

Day 1: Brain Science-Based Employees Development

In this session, you will learn:

  • To design learning solutions that are compatible with people’s spatial learning capabilities and to create social learning communities that are based on psychological principles of observational learning.
  • To use authoring tools more effectively by understanding how the brain encodes metaphor and emotion and you will learn to develop incentive systems that reinforce desired behaviors and that are based on established principles of conditioning.

  Understanding the brain and memory

  • Activity: Memory is constructive and encoded using  spreading activation
  • Activity: Teaching in Brain Compatible Ways Produces Easy Recall

  Goals for Effective Learning

  • Coordinated
  • Streamlined
  • Modern
  • Driven by data

  A Checklist for Burst / Boost Development

  Learning Objectives

  • Objectives need to be Measurable, Behavioral & Valuable
  • A Three step approach to authoring
  • Activity: Practice authoring session

  Audience Analysis

  • Demonstration: The Hunter and the Squirrel
  • Activity: Studying Verizon employees

  Assess Skill Gaps

  A toolbox of Bursts

  Activity: Selecting an appropriate medium for a message

Day 2: Learning Reinforcement And Knowledge Boosters

In this session, you will learn:

  • To improve employees’ attention within mobile learning by understanding the secrets to people’s levels of consciousness. You will also learn to design effective “follow-up training” by tapping into mnemonic principles of memory
  • To deliver either visual messages or auditory messages based on an understanding of the brain’s dual-coding mechanisms.

Types of Reinforcement

  • Cognitive
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Coaching
  • Gamification
  • Incentives

  Cognitive Boosters

  • Forgetting is adaptive
  • The forgetting curve
  • Deliver to SMS and eMail
  • Optimal duration of boosters
  • Activity:  Applying the data
  • Research data

  Authoring cognitive boosts

  • Authoring cognitive boosts
  • Reliability and validity
  • Best practices
  • Activity: Authoring effective cognitive boosts
  • Activity: Authoring polls and surveys

  Peer-to-Peer boosts

  • Value to the learner
    • Increased Recall
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Community of Learners
  • Value to the organization
    • Harvest of Best Practices
    • Collect Level 3 & 4 ROI Data
    • Direct Behavior Change
  • Producing and directing behavior change
    • The goal of training
    • Information initiatives
    • Social proof
    • Social commitment

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