Symphony Style Hotel

December 2016

9:00AM – 4:00PM

ترجمة فورية
English & Arabic

Happiness Effect Conference

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The First of its Kind in Kuwait, The Happiness Effect Conference is a one-day Conference that has been developed to highlight the importance of Happiness and Wellbeing and how it can be used to become more positive, more motivated and more productive at work and in Life.

Focusing on the Key features of positivity & wellbeing, it will comprise of a series of interactive sessions with some of the best Mental Health & Happiness Experts in the world.

Conference Agenda

Connie Costa
Founder of Laugh and Live Well.
Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellness Presenter and Trainer.

The Power of Laughter Yoga

A fun and engaging morning energizer session consisting of a combination of laughter exercises, Yogic Breathing and childlike playfulness. Use Laughter yoga techniques to encourage Leadership skills, Innovation, Creativity, Motivation and communication, Increasing Attention Span, to not only improve the quality and efficiency of work, but also improve the quality of life.

Yasser Shaker
Author & Founder, the Optimistic Spark Center.
Certified Coach by Dr. John Gray.

The Optimistic Spark

Positive employees drive the most successful companies. An engaged workforce who brings their best every day is more productive, resilient, and better performing. Bottom line? Optimism is good for business.

Sunny Grosso
Founder & Chief Culture Officer, Culture Trails – Delivering Happiness.

Make Happy Work™ for You

A strategic roadmap with five simple steps, combining the science of happiness and the experience of Zappos and other leading companies to help your organization create its own unique work culture, increase happiness and build success.

Anthony Ackroyd
The Laughter Coach
Leading authority on the social effect of Happiness

Laugh More, Stress Less

Cutting edge, evidence based strategies for reducing stress by using the power of laughter and humor to boost profitability. Apply Anthony’s 10 point plan to create a career, business and life that is filled with extraordinary levels of wellbeing, happiness, energy & success.

David L. Meinz, MS, RD, FADA, CSP
Award-winning international speaker, author & Corporate Wellness Expert

How Well Are You?

Does your health & wellness affect your productivity? Yes! David reveals the latest information on how you can get more energy and maximize your health in today’s hectic lifestyle. An exciting topic with a content-rich, fun, and funny program on how to feel your best in the 21st century!

Dr. Amar Behbehani
Art Psychotherapist & Professor of Design,
Soor Center for Professional Therapy & Assessment

The Creative Pursuit of Happiness at Work

Understand the definition of Creativity, both innate and acquired. Use the creative process as a tool to enhance innovative performance and wellbeing in work and in life.

The Art of Happiness

Unleash your inner artist and engage in an interactive session that is designed to boost creativity, strengthen communication skills and stimulate your’ power of Positivity.

It is the perfect way to unleash ones Inner Potential and Create Happiness.

“What I know is that if you do work that you love,
and the work fulfills you, the rest will come”

“A day without laughter
is a day wasted”