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24 OCT 2018 – Kuwait

Innovative And Mindful Negotiation

In every negotiation, there’s always a buyer and seller – even when your job title doesn’t include the words sales or procurement. When negotiating you’re either selling your point of view or buying someone else’s point of view. One of the biggest hindrances to negotiation success is negotiating before you’ve had a chance to sell your position. If you can sell your position successfully early on, a lot of the negotiation issues will disappear. However, for this to happen, an effective planning and preparation process will need to be implemented.

18 NOV 2018 – Kuwait

The Productive Leader

Time is precious! There are only so many hours in the day, yet there has never been more pressure to do more, ramp up results and deliver.

3-4 DEC 2018 – KUWAIT


INTERPLAY™ is an enlightening simulation that has been called a “mini-MBA in-a-day” for good reason: managers and professionals learn about running all aspects of a company and how their decisions impact overall results.